The people of Kozhikode whom I know, do not panic so easily. But they respond to any crisis in the most effective and decisive manner with a lot of heart in it. by Prasanth Nair IAS.

When the government orders came out posting me as the District Collector of Kozhikode, I was suffering from conjunctivitis. Though the disease had subsided, on the day of joining, it flared up and I couldn’t change the plan. So I had to wear goggles as I took charge, and my

Rajasthan man kills his daughter. The man in his confession said, that he had sacrificed his daughter to please Allah in the holy month of Ramzan.

The Jodhpur Rural police on Saturday claimed to resolve the sensational murder that took place on Thursday midnight. A superstitious father allegedly killed his daughter in Peepar City in Rajasthan. The reason for the killing is even more shocking, because according to the police, the man in his confession said, that