56 reason to say no to 56 inches in 2019

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56 reason to say no to 56 inches in 2019

1. Elevating the fuel prices without any justification when the crude price is comparitivily low. Price of fuel is maintained high by imposing the burden of tax, classical example of harming the general public by the time this is written fuel price has taken a toll

2. LPG crossed over the 800 mark …. double the price of 2014

3. A nose dive of Indian Rupee…. Holding the record of the most devalued currency in Asia

4. Railway fare has drastically increased, minimum charge has gone from Rs.5 to Rs.10 .It is first time in the history the rail charges have increased in this pace

5. Goods transportation fare in the Indian railway has gone up by 10 percentage

6. polarisation on comunal basis as never heard before

7. Organised loot and legalised plunder thru a drama called demonisation in which the government expected 30 percentage of the notes will not come back but in reality 99.3 percentage has come back, balance is with royal bank of Nepal, Royal bank of Bhutan and the cooperative banking sector , demonisation left over nothing but hardship of the public and more than 100 lives that where taken away by demonisation

8. Give me 50 day and if Demonisation is proved wrong I will take whatever punishment you insist, were the words of modi in course of demonisation. …. now not a word is uttered on this

9. 2 percent slash in the GDP amounting to the loss of 3 lakh crores to the nation

10. Black money which is stacked outside will be back within 100 days no action was taken on that ecen the 673 names given by HSBC is not disclosed…. who is the government of India is protecting

11. 1 crore job annually was offered officially and in public speech 2 crore jobs per annum were offered these were the pre 2014 offer of modijii…. but in reality not even 1 lakh jobs were generated on the other hand demonisation has killed an innumerous jobs in almost every sector

12. Rafale deal another loot…… India is buying an aircraft for 1526 which qater and Egypt struck the deal for 700 crores. ….. ignores HAL and favoures cronie capitalist. ………..Mother of all scam

13. Another cronie capitalist Pathanjali was given land worth 268 crores for just 58 crores

14. As per RBI loans worth 2.4 Lakhs were waived for cooprate sector when farmers are on road

15. Suicide rate of farmers increased by 40 percent most of them are from BJP governed states

16. GST another example of monumental mismanagement. ….. revenue of state government has been affected badly

17. banks that survived the global recession in 2008 have incurred a loss of 44000 crores in the periodof 2014 to 2018

18. imposed tax of 200 percentage for petrol and 400 persent for diesel……. only intention is to let the general public suffer nothing is there to substiantate that

19. agricultural sector that recorded 4 to 5 percent anually is now showing only upto 2 percent

20. Export bill of agricultural produce has come down by 9 billion dollar

21. As per South Asia terrorist portal (STAP) Record under NDA 2 government 191 soldiers killed, 72 percentage increase in loss of life

22. Kashmir only, has shown an increase in terrorist by 42 percentage

23. Civilians killed in terrorist attack in kashmir has increased by 37 percentage

24. India has jus given 1000 acres of land to Bangladesh in lieu of 500 acres even to Bangladesh we hat to fold our knees. Classical example of poor foreign policy. ..

25. Non performing assets of banks (NPA) surged below 2 lakh crores to 10 lakh crores…. this is the all time record of Indian banks

26. How far can the NDA runaway from the responsibility of Nirav Modi gate inspite of clear written information by Mr. S.V Hariprasad, Nirav modi successfully absconded from India. …….. Irony is that he was seen in photos with the prime minister even after his patriotic deed

27. Vijay Mallya , Vikram Kothari , Mehul choksi , Nirav Modi etc… who fooled the Indian banks, Indian government, Indian public is having a wonderful time outside.

28. 50 percent increase in swiss bank deposite by Indians has been recorded as per official records

29. Poverty index of India is ranked 100 out of 119 nations (remember that we are 95 percent self sufficient in food)

CHINA 29th
NEPAL 72nd
Sri Lanka 84th
Myanmar 77th
And even Bangladesh is 88th
Even the war torn Iraq is ahed of us

30. Ambulance service for Cattles when the sight of ordinary public holding dead body on shoulders became common

31. Lynching in the name of in the name of meat has become so common that even news channels find any values on that

32. People are killed in the name of meat and at the same India is the no 1 exporter of beef in world, remember the speech of Modi regarding meat export before 2014 election

33. M/s Allanson pvt ltd has been decorated with the diamond award by the government for largest exporter beef

34. Women safety has been increased by leap….. even the BJP cadres were on the road carrying national flag and chanting Vande Mathram to protect the one accused of rape

35. sabotage of law and justice. Eye witness of Malagav bomb blast have been vanished into thin air as per the verdict Naryad Pataya case Maya Kodnani the culprit who was sentenced for 28 years have become a minister. Even though she has been relived from the verdict still doubts remain

36. Operation Maithiri An operation organised overnight to help the people of Nepal with relief Rs 6000 crores was given as aid in kerala flood central govt aid was less than 600 crores. Govt also made sure that no foreign Aid for kerala reaches from UN or any foreign nations

37. Price rice is at the all time high still statistics of inflation is around 5 another jumla

38. accounts of prification or filteration of river Ganga shows Rs 7000 crores but still the river is as good as it was before 2014

39. Varanasi, Parliament contituent is in the list of highly populated 20 cities of the world ……

40. Jay Amit Shah son of Amit Shah son of the president of BJP, a young prolific business man who had multiplied the welth 16000….. business is yet to be identified

41. During the first 5 days of demonisation Alhabad cooperative bank has exchanged 750 crores rupees worth old notes under the dynamic leadership of Amit shah

42. As per the report of NABARD the customer who deposited 2.5 lakg or more constitute only 0.09 percentage ,so who is this 0.09 percentage distinguished customers……..

43. In 2012 Amit Shah’s wealth was worth 1.90 crores and in 2017 it was 20 crores… what is his source of income

44. Make in India the scheme was adopted from the former government by changing the name of the programme, the program which was initiated to promote the Indian products and the Indian industries ,the logo of the programme was also designed by a foreign company called Weiden n kennedy

45. A decline of 4 billion has been shown in the FDI, means make in India programme did not create an impact on the Indian economy in the same time China has attracted 37 billion

46. The Swachh Bharat has failed which was the changed name of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan of the UPA government. See the number of toilets UPA government has manufactured in the first 4 years of UPA rule
11.3 million 2008-09
12.4 million 2009-10
12.2 million 2010-11
8.8 million 2011-12
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan website says that it is now building about 50 lakh toilets , but in the name of toilet Rs 16400 crores has gone beyond public domain Rs 530 was spent only on advertising

47. Smart city projects announced that 90 cities will be made smart onlt 5 percent completed

48 .Failure of digitization :the RBI report shows the cash transfer of market was increased about 37 percentage after currency ban . What was gained by the ban of notes.

49. The cost of printing a new notes was 21000 crore rupees the non return currency is just Rs. 10720 crore the money expenditure caught on this is Rs 10720 crore was Rs. 21000 crore this was the foolishness of the century

50. India has the highest GST rate in the world the most complicated6 types of taxes a high rate make headache for merchants this was the most opposed project of Modi’sbefore coming into power

51. Manmohan Singh spent 642 crores on foreign trips in nine years Modi has spent 1484 crore till july this year

52. #Adhaar leak.. security has now gone to the basic information of the people. Before coming into power Modi opposed it

53. In 2012 Modi made a statement that the FDI is the overturn for foreign countries in 2016 After Modi came into power 100% FDI allowed by BJP

54. During last 4 years or 1475 days modi spent 800 days in public rally and spent 200 days abroad and only 19 days in parliment

55. In his first speech Modi announced that criminals will be eliminated from politics ,one third ministers of Modi’s Cabinate are filled with ministers who have criminal cases charged on them

56. States which are not ruled by BJP states like kerala and Tamil Nadu are in the best of development.!

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